Climate Neutral Printing

These days hardly a newscast goes by that doesn't include more reports on one of the most important issues of our time: Global warming. The urgency of climate protection affects politics, economies and individuals all over the world. The need to act, especially towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, is indisputable and there are many ways to do so. Climate neutral printing is one of them.


The principle of climate neutrality means that greenhouse gas emissions that result from the printing process can be counter-balanced by saving the same quantity it produces, but elsewhere. This includes calculating those emissions that arise from raw materials (paper, ink, chemicals), fountain solutions, cleaning agents, the printing process itself, and even delivery. Even the emissions that are a by-product of the necessary labor - printing the annual report, for instance - are included in the carbon emissions assessment. All relevant parameters must be taken into account to ensure reliable and responsible involvement in climate protection.


ClimatePartner is a consultancy and a provider of platform solutions in voluntary climate protection. The company has headquarters in Munich as well as subsidiaries in Athens, Milan, San Francisco and Vienna. ClimatePartner employees 30 people serving over 500 customers in Germany and ten further European countries, as well as in the USA and Japan.

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