Druckhaus Berlin-Mitte boasts a long history. Over 120 years ago, the printer Rudolf Mosse set up a modern printing press in the middle of the Berlin newspaper district, where newspapers, magazines, schoolbooks and cookbooks for example were printed until WWII. In February of 1945, the newspaper district was almost completely destroyed, and with it the Mosse Publishing House, even though it had been "Aryanized" by the National Socialists.

After the founding of the GDR, the publishing house became "VEB Industriedruck" on 1 July 1951. The name was changed a number of times through the years: in 1956 to "VEB Graphische Werkstätten Berlin" and in 1968 to "Druckkombinat Berlin."

In 1990, the company got its current name "Druckhaus Berlin-Mitte". Its customers included the City of Berlin, publishers, theaters, cinemas, opera houses, the Staatliche Kunsthandel (State Art Trade) and many more. Today Druckhaus Berlin-Mitte is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly printing companies in Germany.


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